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Product and solution
E-bike Systems
Design concept


Product mission

Promote riding back to the nature

Core selling points/characteristics

1:  Based on MEMS semiconductor strain measurement technology and magnetic coupling wireless transmission technology,  high reliability and accurate on-line detection of riding torque are realized.

2: The combination of multiple clutches can effectively realize the immediate response of riding intention and reduce the trampling resistance.

3: The use of automotive-grade floating board-to-board connectors improves the vibration reliability of the PCB and the ease of manufacturing.

4: The electric signal connection mode based on carrier communication technology greatly reduces the number of wiring harness and makes the design more concise and beautiful.

5: Use the high strength silent gear toensures higher motor output torque and lower noise.

Product parameters

Rated Power: 250W

Adaptable Vehicle: Mountain bike、City bike、Trekking bike、Road bike

Motor type: Mid motor

Driver type: Interior brushless motor

Weight: 2.98 Kg

Dimensions: 202mm*133mm*101mm

Rated voltage: 36V

Rated power: 250W

Maximum output torque: 100Nm

Maximum trample frequency: 120RPM

Protection degree: IP67

Battery type: Li-ion battery

Charging voltage: 100-240V

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