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HD product series
Posted on: May 6, 2021
  • HD product series as the IPX7 waterproof controllers with the highest power density in the industry will be launched in the mid of 2021
  • HD is a high-power controller specially developed for high-speed electric motorcycles,the main advantages as below:
  • 1:  Compared with traditional products, the power density is increased by 3 times, and the torque accuracy  within ±3%;
  • 2: The IP67 waterproof structure can support the controller  exposed to use air-cooling heat dissipation to ensure the controller can always run under rated conditions without worrying about the controller's over-temperature protection;
  • 3: The perfect over-current and over-temperature protection function can greatly improve the reliability of the controller and reduce the MOS damage rate.
  2. Torque control & Energy recovery
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  2. Torque control & Energy recovery
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