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  • Marketing Specialist
  • Munich Marketing
  • Descriptions:

    1. 1.  Be responsible for extracting selling points and formulating sales plans of the new products.
    2. 2.  Be responsible for promotion plan, formulation of advertising strategies and implementation of specific activities such as media and exhibition publicity.
    3. 3.  Formulatingand supervising the implementation of market research as well as scientifically predicting and analyzing development trends of products, which is a basis for their development, production and marketing.
    1. 4.  Be responsible for the market brand promotion.
  • Details:
  • 1.  Bachelor degree or above.Fluent in English.More than 3 years of relevant working experience.

    2.  Be familiar with product planning process, advertising and media operations;

    3.  With strong learning and innovation ability, good communication skills as well as PPT and copywriting skills.

    4.  More than 2 successful cases of independent product planning and marketing.

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  • Overseas Promotion Specialist
  • Munich Promotion/Operation
  • Descriptions:
    1. 1.  Be responsible for developing and seeking cooperation of Internet influncerresources on TikTok and YouTube.
    2. 2.  Be responsible for overseas short video account management, content operation and promotionas well as the task of fan growth.
    3. 3.  Optimizingthe delivery of short video advertisements. And corresponding advertising delivery mechanisms and strategies will be made for different products.
    1. 4.  Be responsible for the management of advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other overseas platforms, including itsplanning, execution, promotion budget management and cost control, also be responsible for the effect.
    2. 5.  Be responsible for marketing onDeals websites, developing the resources of website media editors and internet influencers, and seeking high-quality off-site cooperative extension.
    3. 6.  Different product launch strategies will be formulated according to brand positioning, selling points and target groups.
    1. 7.  Analyzingand summarizing the data of the target group, creative performance, etc. And continuously improving the promotion effect.
  • Details:
  • 1.   Bachelor degree or above. Fluent in English. Mastering  a minor language is preferred.

    2.  With more than 2years of social new media marketing promotion experience. Having Internet marketing resources,being familiar with collaborative channels, operation and influencer marketing.

    3.  Be sensitive to data, with good data analysis skillsand logical thinking(proficient in excel).

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  • Recruiter
  • Munich HR
  • Descriptions:
    • 1.  According to the corporate strategy and business needs, establish and improve its recruitment process and system.
    • 2.  Be responsible for the recruitment of middle and high-end positions as well as team building of overseas business units.
    • 3.  Building up talent pool and systematically integrating resources to meet rapidily developing talent needs.
    • 4.  Establishing and improving the employer brand and enhancing the brand image to ensure that there always be high-quality resumes in corporate talent pool.
    • 5.  Accurately completing various recruitment reports, timely summarizing recruitment data, evaluating its effects and making improvements.
  • Details:
  • 1.  Bachelor degree or above.With 3 to7 years of recruitment experience or more than 3 years of headhunting experience.

    2.  Be familiar with the recruitment process, including all kinds of recruitment channels, interview skills, background checks methods, etc.

    3.  With good communication skills, logical thinking ability, initiative and team spirit.

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