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  1. What we do
Corporate social value
  2. Higher standards for better life
  3. Because persistent, so outstanding. This road high standard escort for you, always dare not neglect!

    The electric vehicle market is in a new era. As the leader of the industry, the high standard technology is based on development, actively seeking its own innovation space, striving to be the best product, and hand in hand with the majority of consumers to share the fruits of enterprise victory.

    Facing a new starting point. With the dream of tens of millions of people, high standard science and technology embarks on the whole, implements the globalization strategy, introduces innovative ideas, runs through the main line of environmental protection and energy saving development, and realizes green travel from point to area.
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Why we’re different
  1. Excellent R&D strength
  2. Withover ten years of technical accumulation, nearly 100 senior R&D teams are scientifically can adopt IPD to develop products maturely.
  1. Punctual delivery
  2. There are more than 40,000 square meters formass production, and 2 branches is equipped with the production program lines.The advanced...
  1. Quality mgt
  2. It is equipped with professional quality control personnel, complete quality verification equipment and the quality management concept with all staff...
  1. Rapid sample delivery
  2. Production related preparation and product development are in parallel. After the trial production is passed, the conditions for smooth mass production...
  1. High-quality business
  2. the company develops its products based on the market with customers as its center.
  1. Operation mode
  2. company has established atriangle service team consisting of R&D + sales and experts from various systems in the company, which can develop products
  1. Efficient after-sales
  2. One-on-one commissioners can track the whole process,which can respond quickly and serve with heart and soul.
corporate culture
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  • Vision
  • Vision
    Become the world’s leading solution provider for electric two-wheelers
  • Value
  • Value
    Customer-centric Strivers-oriented,Driven by innovation Strive for excellence
  • Corporate Spirit
  • Corporate Spirit
    Concentration Customization Innovation Integrity and win-win
  • Mission
  • Mission
    Accelerate the two-wheelers’ transition to sustainable energy
  • Talent concept
  • Talent concept
    Talents are the source of competitiveness for enterprises. Their core skills and expertise need to be improved constantly
the news
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