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Research lab
Research lab
Posted on: May 6, 2021
  • GOBAO laboratory has the full testing ability, which includes unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and vehicle testing in the product development phase. We also have the ability of Reliability verification, Electromagnetic Compatibility verification, and Vehicle verification in the product production phase. We have the perfect test process and Mantis defect management system to improve the reliability, stability, environmental adaptability and safety of products, with which we can not only short the lead-time of product development ,but also ensure the product quality during the whole life-cycle management of the product.
  • Testing Department team has 31 members , of which 75% are bachelor degree or above;
  • Overview of test site and equipment: 2400m ² high-standard laboratory; We have high-performance and high-speed electric dynamometer, magnetic particle dynamometer, chassis dynamometer and other functions, performance and vehicle testing equipment; ⁣ we have reliability testing equipments such as HALT Laboratory box, Cold & Hot impact box,High & Low temperature and Wet and Hot test box, Vibration test bench, Three-direction integrated shaking table, etc. We have ESD, EFT, BCI and other electromagnetic compatibility testing equipment;We have high-standard semi-silencing chamber, advanced parts and vehicle NVH detection and analysis capabilities; we have a variety of oscilloscopes, for example:Keysight, Tektronix,LeCroy;We also have Yokogawa Power Analyzer, Keysight Data Acquisition Instrument, FLIR Thermal Imaging camera and other conventional testing instruments。
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