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GOBAO Conference: Comprehensive Multiplication Strategy In 2021
Posted on: January 15, 2021
On January 9th, 2021, the comprehensive multiplication strategy of GOBAO was released.
Mr.Chen,the president of GOBAO, reviewed the company's development in the past 18 years,
from the perspective of its first employee. The major product of GOBAO had been 
transformed from motorcycle alarm during the start-up period to electric two-wheeler
controllers.In the future, we will put even more effort to develop and produce electric
two-wheeler control system.

The strategy of comprehensive multiplication includes the following three points:
1) Business strategy: Do cheap things well and do good things cheap.

2) Talent strategy: Keep investing and improving the corporation so as to make GOBAO become a 
platform for talents to realize their dreams.

3) Supply chain strategy: With fully use of digital technology, build modern automatic factories
and reduce the rate of fault tolerance and cost.

 Mr.Xu, the Executive Vice President of GOBAO, mentioned that grand strategy must be feasible 
and can be achieved in phases. The comprehensive multiplication strategy will be realized based
on "135" plan:
"1" from 2021. The controller should keep far ahead in China, with the goal that annual sales of
 our product exceed 20 million, and prepare well for the development;

"3" from 2023. The controller will be far ahead in the world. Our EIC system will gradually enter
 major markets.And the number of engineers will rise to 1 thousand.

"5"  from 2025. The two-wheeler EIC system will be leading in all areas. Our Revenue will reach 
10 billion.

In 2021, GOBAO will continuously strive to accelerate the electrification of two-wheeler around 
the world, achieve the goal of comprehensive multiplication strategy in a new round of 
competition, and lesd the innovation in the field of electrc two-wheeler controller!
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