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Strategic Product Launch Of GOBAO In 2021
Posted on: January 10, 2021
  • Based on the survey and analysis of big data, both end users and customers reflect their demand for running faster, more powerful, farther and better. According to the above demands, GOBAO has launched a new generation of strategic product-"Black King Kong Air-cooled Controller"!
  • Compared wit the originalone, the new generation of Black King Kong Air-cooled Controller has a volume reduction of 50% and a power density increase of 270%. In terms of its hardware, there are several advantages:
  • 1: Air pressure balance device - to ensure the internal and external air pressure balance when the machine works;
  • 2: Automotive-level  waterproof terminal - use automotive-level Tyco waterproof connector to achieve the real IPX7;
  • 3: Movement design - adopt the split structure of the whole machine and radiator to meet the needs of high heat dissipation in high-power operation environment;
  • From the perspective of industry application, Black King Kong Air-cooled Controller (12 tubes version) has a huge improvement in its performance:
  • 1: Peak output current increases by 25%;
  • 2: The durability of temperature rise increases by 200%;
  • 3: With air cooling to achieve thermal balance, this product can achieve unlimited climbing;
  • The new generation of Black King Kong Air-cooled Controller will be listed on time in June, 2021. Our company insists on developing products from the needs of users to the applications of customers. GOBAO will achieve great success together with customers!
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